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“After many years of searching, I finally found the perfect gym for me! Every class is unique and well designed. I love the convenient location and camaraderie with the clients and owner, Chrissy. I always feel welcomed and encouraged. I’ve seen such a change in my body in a short amount of time and others have noticed. I’m grateful to have found such an amazing place to achieve my health and fitness goals. I plan to be a part of the Balanced Form Fitness crew for years to come.”
– Chileen S. 

“I’ve lost 50 pounds in six months–all thanks to Chrissy and Balanced Form Fitness Studio. Chrissy is so smart and an incredible coach. Her knowledge of fitness and nutrition is phenomenal. Each workout has been specifically designed for me since I started in June. They’re both challenging and fun. I feel stronger every day and am achieving my goals. My eating is now on point and I am loving what I eat for each meal. Chrissy pushes me in all the right ways. She’s the BEST!!!”
– Jessica H.

“Love the environment and the idea of a gym for women only where you can workout and feel safe and comfortable! I love the focus on form instead of jumping straight into how heavy can you lift which I find frequently at most group class gyms. I saw a huge difference in my body after two weeks here. Definitely recommend unlimited if you’re looking for results.”
– Kyndall F.

“My favorite boot camp that I’ve ever been to. In most boot camps you wonder half the time if how you are doing the exercises are right.. not at BFF!! Chrissy, the owner works with each person in her boot camps like a personal coach to make sure that they are doing it correctly! She encourages and coaches everyone to be the best version of themselves. The energy at BFF is amazing! Women of all different ages and fitness levels working together and encouraging each other. I am hooked with the unlimited package she offers and look forward to each new and exciting boot camp each day I come. Thank you BFF and Chrissy for encouraging and coaching me to reach my fitness goals.”
– Laura S.


“Taking my first class at BFF was the best decision of my life related to my fitness and well being. Coach Chrissy has proven to be an innovator and expert in her field of fitness. What I love about her and BFF is that she’s taken a 30-45-minute workout and targeted the area of the body with an efficiency that no other trainer has ever done for me. I have been in the fitness world as a student my whole life. I do yoga daily, and have done pretty much every other type of workout that has evolved in the industry and BFF studio’s is by far the most effective, and considering it is a 30 minute workout, it’s just amazing. The changes in my body that have occurred since joining have been substantial and that all comes down to the science and dedication to training the proper way. It’s truly a quality versus quantity program and with my busy life outside the gym is true perfection. In the past I had to change up my training to shock my body and see results and Chrissy can do this in just a short time per session. The studio is super comfortable because all the girls are motivated, kind, and committed, and the gym truly gives you a sense of empowerment from all the women involved. I have never felt more comfortable and motivated at a studio. Thank you Chrissy for your support, and for bettering the quality of my life.”

– Kim M.

“I’ve been working with Chrissy since I decided to take my fitness seriously; previously I was running and working out, but wasn’t working toward long term fitness and I wasn’t seeing changes in my body. I never thought I could work to change my stomach the way we have, I never thought I could shape my thighs to be leaner in hard to target areas, I certainly never thought I could achieve definition in areas of my body that I was accustomed to ignoring – Chrissy’s targeted workouts and nutrition plans have changed the way I look, feel, and think about working out. I am so grateful to be working with her; she takes pride in a job well done and wants to see her clients succeed. Chrissy will exceed any level of effort that I’m willing to apply; she’s the first trainer who had taken the time to show me the right way to workout – not the quick way. Posture, balance, alignment, strength, these are all key aspects of our workouts. She is well educated in the area of fitness and science, her experience and results are based in application of her own teaching methods. My fitness goals are to look good, stay fit, and maintain a healthy and sexy body without injury and with sustainable results. I’m achieving those goals with Chrissy’s guidance, and I’m incredibly grateful for her support!”
– Lauren B.

“I started working with Chrissy when I was four months postpartum. I was over the baby weight and had no idea how to get back in shape! She has been a Life changer!!! Chrissy personalized every workout to get the results I’m seeking and to push me. She also really focuses on technique, so I’m not breaking my back while I’m trying to break a sweat. I’m sore after each workout, but in a good way, and in a worked hard way! I also am following her Body Breakthrough nutrition guides; the recipes are amazing and easy to make. With a little one I need quick, easy, and delicious and that’s exactly what they are! Her personal training is also awesome because I am able to bring my baby with me.”
– Ivey N.



“I grew up as a dancer, never learning how to take care of my body correctly, which caused many injuries. It’s great to have a trainer like Chrissy who understands my body so well, that I’m confident she will be sure to never let me get injured. Only a few months ago I asked Chrissy to not help me lose weight, but to help tone my body. I thought she was just going to hand me weights and start counting reps for me. Instead, she educated me on health, diet, and the importance of exercising with correct form, all while customizing it to me. Being dairy free has also been a challenge for me, and Chrissy has helped me put together the correct meal plans for me in order to achieve the goal I want. In 6 weeks of training and only 2 weeks of a meal plan, I looked completely different! I thought my dream body was going to take years! Thanks Chrissy for sharing your knowledge and helping me be in the best shape of my life!”
– Leandra P.

“Where do I begin…since first meeting Chrissy, I knew she had extensive knowledge about fitness and nutrition. Chrissy’s commitment to helping me achieve a healthy lifestyle was beyond amazing. Her personality and passion for nutrition and fitness helped keep me motivated and reassured that I was in good hands. She customized a fitness plan and diet for me to follow. She is constantly checking in with me and giving me new ideas to keep it fun. I now enjoy working out more than I ever have before. She has also become one of my closest friends and I love the progress I have made. Thank you for changing my life!”
– Monica P.

“I started working with Chrissy after meeting her at a Lululemon. Through her training I was able to engage muscles I had never known were even there. Oh and my ass, yes my ASS is high and tight as heck! She changed my image of what a beautiful girl should look like. She encouraged me daily, listened to what my body needed (came to find out that oligosaccharides make me sick too) and changed my plan accordingly.  I lost not only the 6 lbs that I gained with my old plan, but lost an additional 4. Most importantly though, I gained my confidence! I feel so comfortable in my skin and LOVE looking at myself naked in the mirror! I not only have the curves I once dreamed about and tried to calculate the cost via surgery, but I am STRONG! I love being strong. That is truly beautiful. Thank you Chrissy! You helped me find me and pushed me to kill it in and out of the gym!”
– Amanda S.

Coach Chrissy has a deep passion for fitness and nutrition and her encouragement and enthusiasm was my first and now continual impression of her. Helping me to achieve my fitness goals only begins to describe the positive experiences I have had since starting with her two years ago. She is very personable and knowledgeable and is easily reached, usually responding to my messages within the hour. I am so thankful she is my trainer and my go-to girl for nutrition advisement- even sending me grocery lists when she is vacationing! I highly recommend a consultation with her!

– Kathleen R.

“Driven, determined and innovative is how I would describe Chrissy.  As an American living in Italy the struggle to live a healthy lifestyle surrounded by Italian food and constantly traveling is real. However even in a foreign country known for pasta, desserts and pizza I have found Chrissy’s book for meals surprisingly easy. Not only am I able to meal prep 15-30 min the night before, but I find my colleagues constantly intrigued to see what I’m eating and if they can steal a bite. Combine this with workouts I can do on the go with little equipment, and this has been a game changer in helping me lose weight, tone up and most importantly feel better. Beyond thrilled I can access this anywhere in the world.   I’m looking forward to using her in person for my final workouts before I compete in June.  Could not be more excited to find another woman who knows how to find balance in my work/business 24/7 life.”

Corrine D., Ms. Earth 2018, Ms. International 2019

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