19400 Beach Blvd #10, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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“I have never been more challenged and inspired in my workout journey. Believe me, I have done every work out out there from barre, spin, Pilates to yoga. I do it all and she is the guru. What I love is that she motivates you and gives you guidance.”


“Coach Chrissy has proven to be an innovator and expert in her field of fitness. What I love about her and BFF is that she’s taken a 30-45-minute workout and targeted the area of the body with an efficiency that no other trainer has ever done for me.”


"I've lost 50 pounds in six months--all thanks to Chrissy and Balanced Form Fitness Studio. Chrissy is so smart and an incredible coach. Each workout has been specifically designed for me since I started and I feel stronger every day and am achieving my goals.


"I started working with Chrissy when I was four months postpartum. Chrissy personalized every workout to get the results I'm seeking and to push me. She also really focuses on technique, so I'm not breaking my back while I'm trying to break a sweat."


"Before I started training with Chrissy, my anxiety and depression were at an all time high, and I felt so low. Now after training with her for a few months, my life has completely changed!"


“The energy at BFF is amazing! Women of all different ages and fitness levels working together and encouraging each other. I am hooked with the unlimited package she offers and look forward to each new and exciting boot camp each day I come.”


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