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What is the BFF Community all about?

CORPO: Alimentação e Fitness

Women's Only Support Group

VIDA: Prosperidade e Produtividade

Daily Motivation and Accountability

MENTE: Saúde Quântica

Weekly Brand New Home Workouts

MENTE: Saúde Quântica

Quick Workouts Under 
30 Mins!

MENTE: Saúde Quântica

All Levels Welcome

MENTE: Saúde Quântica

No Equipment Needed

MENTE: Saúde Quântica

Workout Anywhere,

CORPO: Alimentação e Fitness

Free Access to BFF Youtube Channel with 
100+ Videos

MENTE: Saúde Quântica

Free 7 Day Detox 
Meal Plan & Supplementation Guide 

João da Silva
Meet Coach Chrissy Reilly
Hey BFFs! I am so excited you have made the first step towards reaching your health and fitness goals! It is my mission to make fitness a part of every women’s lifestyle, and guide and support them along the way. The BFF Community was initially created within my women’s only studio in Orange County, CA. As the community grew, so did the transformations and success stories of these amazing women. As a coach, I was so inspired by my BFFs that I wanted to figure out a way to not only reach more women but also provide workouts, motivation, and accountability to my current students anywhere, anytime.

The BFF community now reaches women all over the world at any time of the day! The early risers motivate those that work out in the evening and vice versa! It is so inspiring to see women of all ages and backgrounds encourage one another to work through their own personal struggles to complete the tasks I lay out for them daily! It is my goal to not only make working out doable, but effective and fun for everyone.

BFF Workouts are quick, easily understood using our instructional videos or following along one of our fun LIVE workouts. They are always different to keep your body guessing and constantly burning! So what are you waiting for?? Join the BFF Community now and find your Best Fit Friends!

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