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FREE 7 Day Meal Plan To Get You Started (Value: $150)

Personalized Macros To Set You Up For Success (Value: $500)

Exclusive Access To Over 300 LIVE Workouts With Coach Chrissy (Value: $1000)

Daily Accountability & 24/7 Messaging Support With Coach Chrissy (Value: $250)

Sync Your Apple Watch or Fitbit To Track Your Workout Progress, Steps, and More! (Value: $100)

Total Value = $2000!!

A one time one-on-one evaluation with me costs $150/hr PLUS $500 for a customized meal plan. This covers everything you could need plus so much more than what I could provide in a single session. I want to make this as affordable as possible so everyone can live a balanced, healthy, and confident life!

You Get ALL Of This AND More

For ONLY $67.99/Month*

*You may cancel at any time. There are no contracts. You can cancel during the free trial. Only you must commit to yourself.*

You get the best of both worlds with BFF LIVE.

The personalized feel of a private coach in a community setting.

What is BFF LIVE?

Very own home fitness studio in your back pocket.

Weekly workout schedule planned for you in advance.

You will have 5 workouts per week, cardio scheduled out for you to fit your needs, and 1 rest day dedicated to mobility.

Coach Chrissy will even plan out personal goals and habits for you to reach and focus on based on your client questionnaire.

Home routines are either on demand or LIVE with Coach Chrissy.

Either way, you ALWAYS know what to do with the built-in app interval timer, exercise videos and descriptions all explained by Coach Chrissy.

Always have access to past LIVE workouts, routines and progress as a member!

The best part of BFF LIVE is the community.

You will be motivated daily to reach your goals and check off that you completed your workout not only for yourself but for the community counting on you! See what the girls have to say!

For Only $67.99/month!

That’s not ALL! You also get to customize your BFF LIVE experience for FREE. Track EVERYTHING health and fitness related.

Sync your favorite apps to track your progress in one place!

Apple Health/Watch




Apple fitness

Progress tracking possibilities include

Weight graphed for you over time!

Progress Photos with easy side by side comparison!

Body Fat %


Sleep Patterns

Caloric Intake

Resting HR

Blood Pressure

Lean Mass

Exercise Achievements

Macro and Calorie Counting Built-In

Meal Plan Tracking

You get ALL of this for only $67.99/month!

Meet Coach Chrissy Reilly

Hey BFFs! I am so excited you have made the first step towards reaching your health and fitness goals! It is my mission to make fitness a part of every women’s lifestyle, and guide and support them along the way.

The BFF Community was initially created within my women’s only studio in Orange County, CA. As the community grew, so did the transformations and success stories of these amazing women.

As a coach, I was so inspired by my BFFs that I wanted to figure out a way to not only reach more women but also provide workouts, motivation, and accountability to all BFFs anywhere, anytime.

The BFF community now reaches women all over the world at any time of the day! The early risers motivate those that work out in the evening and vice versa!
It is so inspiring to see women of all ages and backgrounds encourage one another to work through their own personal struggles to complete the tasks I lay out for them daily!

It is my goal to not only make working out doable, but effective and fun for everyone. BFF LIVE workouts are quick, easily understood using our instructional videos or following along one of our fun LIVE workout classes.

They are always different to keep your body guessing and constantly burning! So what are you waiting for?? Join the BFF LIVE Community now and find your Best Fit Friends!


You will always have access to past workouts and LIVE workouts with Coach Chrissy as long as you are an active BFF LIVE member!

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